Instructions for Presenters


Oral Paper Sessions
Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in duration, with an additional 5 minutes allotted for questions and answers directly after each presentation. All rooms will be equipped with a computer and data projector. The operating system on will be Windows XP Professional and the available software will be Microsoft Office Professional (including MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel), Adobe Acrobat, Windows Media Player, and Flash Player. Presenters are asked to load their presentations to the available laptops prior to their session. Due to the volume of papers scheduled, a strict limit of 20 minutes per presenter will be imposed.

Symposium Sessions
Symposia are allotted 20 minutes per speaker on the symposium panel. This does not include the Symposium Discussant: for Symposia with Discussants, there will be an additional five-minute timeslot added for the Discussant’s contribution. (For example, a symposium with 4 presenters and a discussant will be allotted ((4 papers × 20 minutes) + 5 minutes) = 85 minutes.).  Computer and data projection arrangements are the same as for oral paper sessions.


Poster display boards will be provided for all presenters. The maximum poster size is 115cm high × 88cm wide (i.e., it is requested that posters be of ‘Portrait’-style orientation). Content must be easily read at a distance of 150cm. A poster printed on one large sheet is encouraged.

Individual posters will be allocated specific spaces in the display area, according to themes determined by the Scientific Committee (refer to poster session program for further information). The display area will be adjacent to the venues for the oral sessions and refreshment breaks. Posters should be placed on poster boards as early as possible from the start of the conference and ideally should remain on display for the duration of the conference.

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