The main conference venue is at the Tower 2 end of the Arts/Science Concourse Building, which is located at the centre of the campus of the National University of Ireland, Galway.  When consulting official university maps (such as here or here), the location is identified as “Tower 2” .

The specific locations at which the main conference events will be taking place are as follows:

  • Ceremonies, Keynotes, and Oral Paper Session A:  O’Flaherty Theatre
  • Oral Paper Sessions B: Cairnes Theatre
  • Oral Paper Sessions C: D’Arcy Thompson Theatre
  • Oral Paper Sessions D: Larmor Theatre
  • Poster Sessions:  Main Concourse (Biochemistry end)
  • Refreshment Breaks, Registration, and Exhibitions:  Main Concourse (Thoroughfare)
  • Lunches:  Bailey Allen Hall


The GPS co-ordinates for the conference venue are: 53.28022,-9.060945, indicated as “A” in the map below:

Click below for a map of the Concourse Building, showing the locations for different conference events:

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