Please click on the links below for information regarding the Pre-Conference Workshops, scheduled for 4 August 2010 (09:00-12:00):

Workshop #1:
“How to Get Published, p < .05″
(Dr Joachim Stoeber)

The workshop addresses conference participants who want to broaden their knowledge and improve their skills to increase their chances of getting published in international peer-reviewed journals…[MORE]

Workshop #2:
“Mediation and Moderation Analysis”

(Professor Changiz Mohiyeddini)

The workshop is aimed at conference participants who wish to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills in performing Mediation and Moderation analysis…[MORE]

Workshop #3:
“Coping Theory and Interventions Across the Lifespan”

(A/Professor Erica Frydenberg)

This workshop will make the link between theory and practice…[MORE]

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